“Appearances can be deceiving”

I loved this video when I watched it because it shows the reason why I admire Frida Kahlo independent of the fact that she was a great artist. Frida was a warrior - a woman who never gave up. No matter what pain she was suffering, she disguised it with a smile.

She covered her wounded body with the garment of the Tehuana women and forced people around her to pay attention to her strengths and not her weaknesses. She wanted everyone to see in her as a strong, powerful, independent woman, a woman who was not afraid to fight for her ideals and who struggled to have a voice of her own.

But she never stopped being a woman with great sensitivity and like all of us she had happy moments, loneliness, sadness, reflection, love and lack of love. Frida was never afraid to express her emotions as she experienced great pain caused by her husband's infidelity and she was unable to have a child as she so desperately wanted.

We can see how she put all her emotions in her art because as she said, “I paint self-portraits because I am often alone, because I am the person I know best.”

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