"Handmade Means Love"

There will always be a sea of wondrous, dazzling fashion out here; more than enough to dive into and get lost. But there will always be the kind of fashion that has the most beautiful roots because of the human stories behind it.

At the end of the day, if I’ve chosen to buy and wear something from artisans who put their individual time and care into each piece, I feel more unique and beautiful.

Handmade jewelry and clothes will always mean something special to me for many reasons. Because I imagine the people who make them, where they came from, where they are going, and their dreams. Because I imagine the person behind each piece of jewelry having rich memories and stories and their own unique artistic views. Because I like to know that there is less separation between me and the artisan. A closeness that is uninterrupted by a massive factory.

Whenever I’ve bought a hand embroidered product from Kahlo’s House Mexican Boutique, I’ve felt compelled to write a poem. Clearly, art inspires more art! When I bought a pair of hand embroidered shoes, I fell in love with them and thought about the people who rose up in the morning and went to work to make them so lovely. A story on shoes, I thought, and stories….they always inspire me to write more poetry, more haikus, more love!

My latest purchase,  a hand embroidered choker, was so gorgeous I wanted to write another poem for all my followers to see how thankful I am that they exist and choose to share their talents with the world. As soon as I put on that choker and snapped a photo, I saw compliments roll in, much to my surprise as I usually don’t get that big of a response on my selfies. It was the hand embroidered choker! It truly did make me glow.

I have had nothing but good experiences buying handmade jewelry and clothes from artisans, especially Kahlo’s House. I know I will continue buying more from them in the future as I will always enjoy all the beauty they create.

 - Violet Vela -