Happy Women's Day !

What is being a woman in our time? The women of our time are unstoppable warriors who struggle every day to achieve their goals, to raise their families on many occasions alone. Many of them bravely defy death trying to win the battle against some disease. They with scarce resources but with their great creativity manage to create a banquet, a beautiful costume for one of their children or a big business. Because we put all our passion, our love and courage into everything we do. We were endowed with a great intuition that helps us make good decisions for our loved ones and ourselves. I believe that the great challenge of Women is in this century is that independent of all the challenges we have to face in our daily lives we do not lose that wonderful gift that our sensitivity was endowed with. Let us not harden ourselves and change our loving hearts for ones of stone. Let us not let vanity and banality make us lose our essence. We are all beautiful, unique and unrepeatable. Regardless of our age, complexion or skin color. All this and more are the women of our time. The Frida's of the 21st century.

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