Kahlo’s House 2020 Gift Guide is HERE!

This year, shop our TOP picks for this season’s most original gifts to send or give to your loved ones!


▪️ Lolkina Frida Mexican Embroidered Platform Sneakers: $ 65

▪️ Lolkina Frida Mexican Embroidered Sneakers: $65

▪️ Camel Carolina Crowley MALAGA Tote: $75.60

▪️ Texas Capitol Christmas Tree Art Print Drawing by Roben Taglienti - tag+art: $18.48

▪️ Mata Ortiz Pottery Mexican Fine Folk Art by Anastasia Villa: $90

▪️ Black Mexican Lolkina Embroidered Vest: $59.50

▪️ Lolkina lorenza Necklace: $25.90

▪️ From Paris, With Love”- Original Pen Ink Drawing art by Roben B. Taglienti- tag+art: $115.47

Art prints: $18.48

▪️ Wire Crochet Bracelet by Amatl:$ 65

▪️ Mexican Beaded Crystal Hoop Earrings by A. Diaz: $27

▪️ North Rose Window from Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral – Original Ink Drawing by Roben B. Taglienti:$115.47

Art prints: $18.48

▪️ Mata Ortiz Pottery Hummingbird Design Mexican Fine Folk Art by Heri Mora: $89

▪️ Mexican Chaquira Beaded Hoop Earrings: $25

▪️ Silver Flower Wire Crochet Dangle Earrings by Amatl:$35

▪️ Lolkina Mexican Embroidered Earring: $27

▪️ Our Lady of Guadalupe Original Ink Drawing by Roben B. Taglienti. La Virgen De Guadalupe.

Art Prints: $ 20


Please contact us if your purchase is for a gift and we will send a congratulatory note on your name.

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