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Kahlo’s House 2020 Gift Guide is HERE!

This year, shop our TOP picks for this season’s most original gifts to send or give to your loved ones!   ▪️ Lolkina Frida Mexican Embroidered Platform Sneakers: $ 65 ▪️ Lolkina Frida Mexican Embroidered Sneakers: $65 ▪️ Camel Carolina Crowley MALAGA Tote: $75.60 ▪️ Texas Capitol Christmas Tree Art Print Drawing by Roben Taglienti - tag+art: $18.48 ▪️ Mata Ortiz Pottery Mexican Fine Folk Art by Anastasia Villa: $90 ▪️ Black Mexican Lolkina Embroidered Vest: $59.50 ▪️ Lolkina lorenza Necklace: $25.90 ▪️ From Paris, With Love”- Original Pen Ink Drawing art by Roben B. Taglienti- tag+art: $115.47 Art prints: $18.48 ▪️ Wire Crochet Bracelet by Amatl:$ 65 ▪️ Mexican Beaded Crystal Hoop Earrings by A. Diaz: $27 ▪️ North...

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Free Shipping!

The Christmas Season is here! Send something beautiful, different, unique, handmade with heart to your loved ones and help us to give a Merry Christmas to local and Mexican artisans. Thank you for supporting small businesses. At Kahlos we are already starting to celebrate Christmas by offering you free shipping on all your orders of $50 or more. Just enter the code: CHRISTMASat Checkout!. Shop now and the shipping is free! *Free Standard Shipping on orders $50 or more. The promotion is only for shipments in continental U.S.A.*Valid from Today to December 30.

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Mata Ortiz pottery !

Mata Ortiz is a small town in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico close to the site of the Paquimé Ruins. The town became popular when Juan Quezada, a poor farmer who gathered firewood in the area of the archaeological site, found fragments of ancient Paquimé pottery littering the ground. This discovery inspired him to try to recreate the ancient pottery of his ancestors. Quezada was successful and managed to rediscover the ancient process using slightly more modern techniques.  Since then, almost of the artisans of the area have used innovations in the design and decoration of the pots but the materials and the basic crafting of the process have remained the same. Mata Ortiz pottery incorporates elements of contemporary and...

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